Lately, I have been reflecting on how my art has evolved over time and the common themes that have arisen. Throughout, the most consistent element of my artmaking has been my process. Rather than conceiving an idea and then figuring out how to create it, I allow the medium I'm working with to guide me to the end result without any preconceived notion of what the final outcome may be. I prefer to work with materials that I already have at hand and enjoy the challenges that come with creating art using limited resources. These constraints give me the freedom to try new ideas even if, ultimately, they may fail. I believe that my self-imposed boundaries contain great creative potential and that within them are countless sculptural forms waiting to emerge.

CONTAIN: to hold or include within its volume or area

These box sculptures were created using scrap steel and discarded or found objects that I have collected over time. I start by making the metal box, assembling pieces of steel together until I come to a shape that is pleasing to my eye. Then I add decorative elements by experimenting with different objects, arranging them into the box until the sculpture feels complete. For me, each sculpture contains a story or idea that can be interpreted in different ways. What do you see within the boundaries of these boxes?

You can see these sculptures in person next month at American Steel Studios.

Art Murmur and American Steel's Birthday
Friday, April 3rd
6:00pm - 9:00pm

American Steel Studios
1960 Mandela Parkway
Oakland, CA 94607