Studio Joy

Spending time in my studio stirs up a lot of emotions in me. Most often I feel a simple sense of joy. But there are times when I am also afraid and insecure or curious and surprised. I might also feel peaceful, frustrated, satisfied or uncertain. Not matter what, though, I know that in this space I am safe.

There is a sea of emotions that I must navigate in order to be creative. I love all of the feelings that I encounter, even the bad ones, because I know that they are part of my artistic practice. I believe that experiencing and appreciating these emotions makes my work stronger. Without acknowledging my true feelings my art would lack depth. In order for me to feel satisfied with the work that I do it must be connected to my soul.

When I am in my studio, whether for only an hour or for a full day, I feel completely content.  This is a space that I have shaped, over time, just for me. It changes and evolves just as my creative practice changes and evolves. As I grow as an artist, my studio gives me just what I need to keep moving forward.

I love it there.

So. Why is it hard sometimes for me to feel motivated to be in that space? I will often let other tasks and chores and activities take priority over time spent in my studio. I’m not talking about the things that must take priority; I’m talking about all of the distractions that easily could wait. It’s amazing to me that I will let those distractions keep me away from exactly where I want to be.

I think this is a challenge that many artists face: Making the time to make.

This picture of me was taken at a candid moment in my studio. I believe that it perfectly embodies the joy that I feel when I am there. As I look at this photo I am reminded of just how much I love my studio, how much I enjoy being in this space that I have created all for myself. And suddenly I cannot think of any place else that I would rather be.