The Postcard Project

On October 3rd, at Art Murmur at American Steel Studios, I unveiled The Postcard Project. It was an idea I hatched the week prior after having unexpectedly come into possession of 100 postcards with images by graphic artist James Jean.


Fifteen postcards were deposited into my collection box that night and each one is now on its way to the intended recipient. It felt really good writing notes to each person who requested a postcard knowing they would be receiving something personal from me in their mailbox. I intend on displaying this project whenever I can and will send postcards until they are gone.

If you would like to participate but don't want to wait until the next time the The Postcard Project display is set up, feel free to email your name and address to You won't be able to pick your own postcard, however, I will do my best to try and choose one I think you will enjoy.