Flower Spiral

Flower Spiral , 2009

Flower Spiral, 2009

Flower Spiral, originally created for Phish Festival 8 in Indio, CA in October 2009, is made almost entirely of recycled materials and found objects. This plant-like sculpture symbolizes growth and rebirth, giving a new purpose and life to what was previously discarded. The end result is an organic and natural-looking form born from man-made and unnatural materials.

Many people have long understood the benefits of recycling. Over the past generation we have all become increasingly aware of its importance. We have evolved into a nation that cares about and encourages recycling and, more importantly, reuse. Reuse is a great practice because it does not generally require additional resources or expense unlike recycling which involves processes that break down used items into raw materials that can then be made into something else. The possibilities of reuse are endless. Flower Spiral gives us an understanding of the potential for reuse and inspires us to, at the very least, think differently about the things we idly toss out.